Rediscover Cannabis | We Attended Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Launch PartyAnd Then Tried The Entire Collection
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We Attended Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Launch Party
And Then Tried The Entire Collection

We Attended Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Launch Party
And Then Tried The Entire Collection

Sometimes passion projects simply give you purpose, and sometimes they also provide you with perks.  A couple of weeks we had the honor of attending Whoopi & Maya incredible launch party for their signature collection of medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort.

For years, the dynamic duo known as Whoopi & Maya have provided residents of California with a variety of products, like oils and tinctures that are infused with medicinal cannabis. A few years ago, this legendary superstar had an idea of infusing fresh herbs and essential oils with medicinal cannabis to help women who were dealing with severe menstrual pain. In order to bring her idea to life, Whoopi partnered with the founder of Om Edibles, Maya Elisabeth. For years, Maya has been creating some of the most innovative and sought-after cannabis products. She is a winner of seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards and has a stellar reputation as one of the most creative people in the medical cannabis community.

Moving Into the Colorado Cannabis Market

Since taking California by storm with their cannabis-infused oils designed specifically to help with menstrual cramps, these entrepreneurs have dreamed of expanding their product line and the reach they have. The move into the Colorado medical cannabis market was inevitable and highly anticipated by many of the people in this community. In many interviews, Whoopi has stated that each of the new markets they move into feels like a victory for women looking for relief from menstrual discomfort and pain. Both Whoopi and Maya are passionate about their CBD infused products due to the vast amount of women they have helped.

Whoopi & Maya’s Colorado Product Line

One of the biggest mysteries before this launch party was what type of products Whoopi & Maya were going to bring to the state of Colorado. Well, I actually had the pleasure of sampling the entire collection. This is the perk I was referring to earlier. 😉 Below is a list of the products I got to sample and what my experience was.

  • Soak- For women who are looking to get rid of stress, pain, and inflammation, Whoopi & Maya’s Soak is a great option. This Epsom salt soak is infused with both THC and CBD. The locally sourced ingredients featured in this soak are sure to leave you feeling refreshed. This product is infused with lavender, jojoba oil, magnesium and a number of other micronutrients that promote great health and provide pain relief. Taking a bath infused with Whoopi & Maya’s Soak can help to alleviate things like menstrual cramps, body pain, insomnia and even anxiety. {My experience} I waited about week to use this collection so I could try them during my actual cycle. I used the soak on day one (the day most of us know as the worst) when my cramps were at their worst. When I walked back into my bathroom after filling the tub it was like walking into my favorite spa. The aroma of lavender and jojoba was instantly soothing. After soaking for about 5 minutes I began feeling lighter, the pressure and aches subsided and I became completely and totally blissed-out. Not mentally, just my body. I can only describe it as weightless and relaxed in a way I’ve never experienced.



  • Rub- If you are having problems with muscle cramps, there is no better way to get the relief you need than by using Whoopi & Maya’s Rub. This herbal matrix contains time-tested herbs and cannabis extract. The cannabis is infused with a variety of carrier oils, which allows it to be an effective and safe organic salve. Not only can this salve be used for menstrual cramps, it can be effective when trying to rid your body of pain caused by headaches, sore muscles or arthritic joints. {My experience} I tried this rub on day two of my cycle. The cramps and pressure were definitely better than day one, but still there nonetheless when I woke up. This rub is very emollient so I actually scooped 1/4 of a teaspoon of it and nuked it in the microwave for just a few seconds to soften it up. I rubbed it on my fingertips and then applied it to my lower abdomen where I was cramping. The warm sensation felt lovely, and while the relief wasn’t immediate, my pain did subside about 10 to 15 minutes after use. Not to mention, the Amber Moon scent is so incredible I would wear this as a daily fragrance if given the opportunity.



  • Relax- This fast acting herbal tincture can provide you with the pain relief you need in a short amount of time. Cannabis, Elderberries, Motherwort, Red Raspberry Leaf and Passionflower are combined in this tincture to offer you the ability to relax both mentally and physically. This tincture is designed to be taken on a regular basis and can help you minimalize the pain you feel. {My experience} I used this product on day 3 of my cycle. While I wasn’t experiencing any cramping symptoms on this particular day I was feeling a good amount of stress. After dinner, I put a couple of drops in my Chamomile tea, and while I didn’t love the smell of this product compared to the 2 previous products, the taste was subtle. For me, the effects of this product were almost immediate. I felt super relaxed, a bit blissed-out and slept like a champ. 



  • Savor- Are you looking for a great tasting snack that is free of sugar and other harmful chemicals? Whoopi & Maya’s Savor is a cannabis-infused organic raw cacao treat that you will love. For customers looking for pain relief with a minimal amount of psychoactive effects, Savor is a great option. This delicious raw cacao can be consumed on its own or added to milk or any other liquid you may prefer. {My experience} I tried this product on day 4 of my cycle. I honestly no longer had painful menstrual symptoms but this was one of the products I was looking forward to the most so I wasn’t missing out. I used this product as a spread on a mini muffin and a piece fruit. While I’m not sure if this product would help with physical menstrual pain, I can tell you it was delicious and gave me a light euphoria buzz that lasted about an hour or so. 


Bottom line,  I believe that utilizing the power of all of these products is a great way for women and men to alleviate the pain they deal with on a daily basis.


*PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor and I’m not providing anyone who reads this with medical advice. I was provided with products featured in this post in the state of Colorado. I was not paid to publish this article and these opinions are my own. 




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