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RC Resources

Are you a headline reader? Ya, us too. However, we also know how important accurate health, wellness, and alternative medicine news is. We know how much noise is out there and are all too familiar with the endless amount of biased and unsupported news that exists online especially when it comes cannabis. That’s why we’ve done the vetting for you and have hand-selected the go-to resources for all-things #CannabisCulture and #CannabisNews.


The Stranger


Why do we call marijuana marijuana? Growing up, I assumed that “marijuana” was the original Latin name for the plant I discuss every week in this column. But that’s not the case.


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The word ‘marijuana’ or ‘marihuana’ is an emotional, pejorative term that has played a key role in creating the negative stigma that still tragically clings to this holistic…

The Denver Post


It may not have quite the same ring to it as a certain seven-digit phone number made famous by a 1980s pop hit, but 6,630,507 has become internet-famous since the U.S. Drug…



There are a lot of stigmas surrounding CBD. We have found that there is a large demographic in need of our CBD Pain Cream, but are afraid of words like “hemp”


MJ Biz Daily



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Women Grow


Medical Marijuana


Our favorite new product to keep your plants
and grow house clean.

Wanna make your mother proud? How about Mother Earth? We found the perfect way to kill 2-birds. Check out Plant Aid. They are an ambitious team of millennials passionate about providing eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products for plants and home. Plant Aid was developed using a patented process with ingredients that only Mother Nature provides. They know it’s safe for plants and for the humans using it because it’s actually safe enough to drink. Whether you earn a living farming crops or work as a cannabis grower, flower shop owner or gardener, winemaker, or are simply a plant enthusiast, they have greener solutions that are healthier for both you and Mother Earth. Check them out! You won’t be sorry!





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Terpenes & Testing