Rediscover Cannabis | About us
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About us

Forget Marijuana…
Rediscover Cannabis.

You’ve landed at the right place. Rediscover Cannabis is committed to starting conversations and breaking the stereotypes about cannabis. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to Rediscover Cannabis. Not only are we committed to de-stigmatizing its use, we are moving toward the normalcy of cannabis as a conversation topic and a plant. By providing a plethora of resources that foster entrepreneurship, community, health, and wellness; Rediscover Cannabis seeks to elevate knowledge and acceptance.


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Does your brand & website speak to the modern
cannabis community?

By definition, everyone in the cannabis industry is an entrepreneur.  While our industry is currently filled with a massive amount of federal hoops and red tape, it’s also filled excitement and a plethora of opportunity for budding firestarters (we’re also really good at puns). Rediscover Cannabis wants you to know that you don’t have to navigate these unknown waters alone.  In fact, we really don’t recommend it. Our small but mighty team is made up of experts in the cannabis, startup and digital marketing space. We have experience launching businesses in both the B2B and B2C cannabis space. We have experience on the grower side of things and the retail side of things. We also have extensive experience in branding, design, web development and digital marketing. So whether you’re just starting out and need coaching or consulting, or are a fully established looking to rebrand, RC can help you define your position in the marketplace with an elevated brand certain to take you to the next level.