Rediscover Cannabis | 3 Things You Need To Know Regarding Pot and Your Pets
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3 Things You Need To Know Regarding Pot and Your Pets

3 Things You Need To Know Regarding Pot and Your Pets

Did you know that over 68% of the households in the United States have pets? For most people, making sure their furry family members are healthy is important. There are so many different treatments out there to address the ailments your pet may have. Exploring all of the treatment options available to you is the only way to ensure the best ones are chosen. For many years, pet owners have been utilizing the power of medical cannabis to treat everything from anxiety to a lack of appetite. While this treatment is very effective, people who reside in states where medical or recreational cannabis is illegal will have a hard time getting this help for their pets. The following are just some of the things that you need to know when it comes to pot and your pets.

By Law Veterinarians Cannot Prescribe Medical Cannabis

Even though medical cannabis has been shown to help pets out greatly with things like chronic pain and social anxiety, it is illegal for vets to prescribe it. Due to its classification as a Schedule, I drug, the federal government prohibits this miracle plant from being used as medicine for animals. This means regardless of if the state you reside in has legalized cannabis, you will be unable to get a traditional prescription for your animal. Most vets don’t want to risk having their license pulled for making this prescription, which is completely understandable. As the attitudes toward cannabis continue to change, maybe it will lead to doctors in all fields being able to explore and prescribe this plant.

Be Mindful of The Dosage

Some pet owners think they can administer cannabis to the pets in the right dosage by calculating their weight as they would a smaller human. The fact is that a number of different factors will need to come into play when trying to get your animal the proper cannabis dosage. Starting with the lowest possible dose and increasing it over time, you will be able to figure out how much cannabis your animal needs to get relief from their ailments. If your animal begins to vomit or seems to have trouble with their equilibrium, chances are they have been given too much cannabis.

Hemp-Derived Products are a Great Cannabis Alternative

Are you having a problem getting your paws on cannabis for your pets? If so, you may want to consider investing in some hemp-derived products. These hemp-based treatments are legal in all 50 states, which should make it much easier for you to get your hands on them. Generally, these products are high in CBD, which helps with a number of conditions without producing psychoactive effects. With these products, you will also be able to avoid the risk of overconsumption due to their non-existent THC content.

In order to find the right cannabis and hemp-infused products for your pets, you need to do a bit of research. Rushing through an important decision like this can lead to a variety of problems for you and your pet.

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